2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
Geronimo Mateos Guitar
Getonimo Mateos Guitar
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)
2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)

2021 Geronimo Mateos Jazz A (SOLD)

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This guitar has now SOLD. Another order of Geronimo Mateos guitars will be arriving later this year. 
If you are interested in any of our guitars email michael@gypsyjazz.com.au to discuss your requirements and shipping details. I am wanting to help grow Gypsy Jazz in Australia and want to help you buy the perfect guitar at the right price. All guitars have a 48 hour approval period (see returns policy).


Superb in ever way the Jazz A offers the finest specifications in the range of manouche guitars made by the Mateos family. This model features a first choice Spruce soundboard and Indian Rosewood back and sides. Indian rosewood’s sweeping frequency range a has made it one of the worlds most popular tonewoods. Its deep lows can assert a throaty growl, while bright, sparkling treble notes ring out with bell-like clarity. This is a beautifully made guitar with a rich tone full of character with a well balanced range of sound. You will not be able to put it away!

For added value the Jazz A also comes with an exceptional LC pickup. We the last video for a demo of the pick up


All  guitars are professionally set-up upon arrival from Europe. 


Top: Spruce 1st Choice

Sides: Indian Rosewood (Mahogany Inside)

Back: Indian Rosewood (Mahogany Inside)

Neck: Walnut with double action Truss Rod

Head: Walnut with Ebony

Bridge : Ebony

Fingerboard: Ebony

FINISHING: Light Gloss

Scale lenght: 670 mm

Amplification: Standard  “LC PICKUP”

Pliage: Yes

Case: Soft poly foam case with twin zippers.


Geronimo and Federico Mateos are a Spanish father and son luthier team creating a small collection of world renowned guitars. With just the two of them in their workshop, and with enormous attention to detail, they make less than two guitars a week on average. Their range of Gypsy Jazz guitars have regularly   been played by the best Manouche guitarists in the world including Gonzalo Bergara, Angelo Debarre and Tchavolo Schmitt. 

LC PICK UP - Our entire range of Geronimo Mateos guitars all come with an “LC “ pick up.  SEE THE SHORT VIDEO BELOW! Designed and hand made by LUIS CEBEY : musician and electronic specialist. The design of both the pickup and the clamping system , make it possible to place, plug , unplug , and remove the pickup with great ease and without grating the top of the guitar. The internal wire is connected to an endpin jack.