Django and Emile Savitry.

Emile Savitry was a well known French artist and photographer. Though more importantly to the world of Manouche he is often credited with introducing Django to jazz!

Emile and Django first met in the coastal city of Toulon where Emile heard Django and his brother Joseph playing in a cafe downstairs from his residence.

Emile is credited with playing jazz to Django for the first time on his gramophone. For the first time in his life Django listened to Joe Venuti, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Apparently Django was so overwhelmed he took his head in his hands and sobbed  exclaiming "Ach Moune"!

Later Emile was to Take Django and Joseph to Paris and house them (and there families) in his apartment. 

Emile is often credited with discovering Django.

Emile Savitry also took some wonderful photo's of Django and his family and friends. Of course he also captured many wonderful images of Paris, and its people at that time.

Here is a small collection-