26/5/21 News Update

Gypsy Jazz Newsletter

Hi, and thank you for your interest in Gypsy Jazz Australia!

Six months old.....It is 6 months now since I was chatting with my fellow jammers at my house about how hard it was to get the picks and guitars in Australia. It turns out we were not the only one’s feeling the same!

It has been wonderful connecting with players in every State of Australia and now New Zealand as well!

I have also been able to meet and play with an amazing bunch of amateur and pro musicians who have dropped by my studio. I have watched incredible musicians like Shenzo Gregorio, David Breeze and Camaron De la Vega shred using my imported picks and guitars.

It has been so much fun! Everyone has been so supportive.

Camaron De la Vega in particular is now gigging with the Geronimo Mateos Django model he bought...all over Queensland.

The Mateos guitars are fantastic. I only have the Jazz A and Jazz B remaining...both are stunning to play. Camaron has showcased them both on the website.

De la Vega Model

I have also collaborated with Camaron to import a guitar from Altamira made to his own specifications...the De la Vega model. It is a really different hybrid Grande Bouche with nylon strings and a pick up and should be available within weeks.


The Dupont family seem to be struggling a little with production this year. We did receive the Nomade model which was amazing value and had the renowned Dupont playability. I could have sold it several times over!

Castelluccia Arriving Soon!

I am really excited to be receiving a range of Castelluccia guitars in the next 6 weeks or so. They will be really something! All very unique guitars made with 3 generations of Parisian experience.

Adonis Goulielmos Guitars

Also on the horizon is a collaboration with the wonderful Greek luthier Adonis Goulielmos. His guitars offer some really interesting design features I doubt ever before seen in Australia. Adonis is a gigging player himself. His guitars are all solid body! The sides of the guitar use a twin wood method called the Ramirez technique used by Jose Ramirez in the classical guitars he made for Andres Segovia. The stiffness of this technique is believed to project more response and volume to the soundboard. They also come built with a small side sound hole for the players benefit and are really reasonably priced. The first guitar should be available in August. A 670 full scale D hole I can’t wait to get my hands on!!!!

Imported Gypsy Jazz Picks

My range of imported Gypsy Jazz Picks have been very popular. I have now added Wegen 3.5 Twins to the range. I also have some new additions on the way from Manouchepicks!


I am also thrilled to announce my involvement with the Ozmanouche festival! It will run 25-28 November. I am one of the sponsors and will also be there with a range of guitars, picks and accessories on display. I can’t wait to meet everyone in person!

Beginners guide to Gypsy Jazz

I want to help grow Gypsy Jazz in Australia and have also put a “Beginners Guide To Gypsy Jazz” on my website hoping to bridge the gap a little for players considering making the transition into Gypsy Jazz from other styles. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Jazz Manouche Journal

My amazing guitar teacher Miranda has put together an amazing journal full of interviews and information. It is free.

I have put a link after my email signature. Please email me if you would like to receive future copies!

Thank you!!

Thanks everyone for your support. Email me if I can ever help in any way. I am all about the music!

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