Wegen Gypsy Jazz Lefty

Wegen “Lefty” Gypsy Jazz Pick (This item has free delivery with orders over $50)

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Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick for the left handed player... 
We are so proud to be importing Wegen picks into Australia!

THIS IS THE ONE! 3.5mm thick 30mm long and 26mm wide and made for the left handed player!
Every Gypsy Jazz player should own a Wegen Pick at some stage.  
Many describe the Wegen 3.5 as the ultimate Gypsy Jazz pick. Handmade by Michel Wegen who made it his quest to design a pick that would accurately recreate the Gypsy Jazz sounds of Django and his hot club de France. Wegen picks are used by famous Gypsy Jazz player all over the world. 
I remember struggling for months trying to learn La Pompe, my guitar teacher wanting a more percussive sound on the 2 & 4. This changed immediately when my daughter bought me a Wegen pick from America at great expense. I now can’t play without my Wegen. 
The Wegen Gypsy Jazz Pick has a beveled and curved tip with grooves for grip on both sides.