Gypsy Jazz Australia Update

Hi, and thank you for your interest in Gypsy Jazz Australia. I hope you are well and getting plenty of playing time!


Gypsy Jazz Private Sellers Hub

I am excited to announce the launch of the Private Sellers Hub!

This is a completely free service to connect sellers with buyer (and visa versa!)

To grow Gypsy Jazz in Australia I believe everyone needs easy access to the best instrument they can afford. I also understand that not everyone can afford a new imported European guitar!

I am also sure there are some wonderful Gypsy Jazz guitars hidden in cupboards and under beds that aren’t being played… or are you ready for an upgrade?

My first guitar on the Private sellers hub lasted 5 days!

No listing fee, no commission…nothing.

Email me and I will send you all the details and the information I need to help you sell your pre-loved guitar.

Your guitar will be listed on my site, promoted on social media, this monthly email and I will send you a link you can use to help promote it yourself.


Arrival of the Dupont’s!

Occasionally a name lives up to it’s reputation.

This month we had the arrival of the fabulous MD50 and MD100…and the sale of the MD50 and MD100! These guitars are stunning. Playability, sound and aesthetically fantastic!

This is the type of instrument that will be passed on through the generations.

So much so I have ordered 6 more! Stay tuned for new arrivals in October and November.

Email me if you would like to put one on hold…Christmas is coming!


Castelluccia’s Coming Soon!

This is as authentic is it gets!

With an impeccable lineage of three generations of Parisian luthiers the Castelluccia’s have been making authentic Gypsy Jazz guitars since since Jean Baptiste Castelluccia (grandfather) met Django Reinhardt.

This is the oldest Gypsy Jazz Guitar workshop in the world.

Here is a snapshot of the models coming in -


MENILMONTANT - An authentic replica of the famous Selma 503 that Django played right down to the bracing pattern.


OLD SCHOOL 48 - Solid back and sides made with 50 year old mahogany. This is an intermediate D hole built using Grandfathers original molds and a cedar top. This model was made famous by Dorado Schmitt.


NYMPHEUS - I could not resist ordering this - A stunning F hole with a solid spruce carved soundboard.


DJANGO CASTEL - Made with solid Indian Rosewood and a solid spruce top this model is a Castelluccia best seller.


All the specifications of these models are on the website.


Watch the Goulielmos D670 being built.

Upon ordering the D670 Adonis Goulielmos has been sending photos of the guitar being hand crafted. No mass production here…one man building one guitar! Here is a slide show of this incredible guitar being made

Get ready Australia the Goulielmos is on its way!


Coming Soon -

Pick ups - I am delving into the world of pick ups with two types on the way…

More picks - I am adding to the range of tempting Picks…


OZMANOUCHE !!!! - Don’t forget this wonderful Gypsy Jazz festival 26 - 28 November in Brisbane. I will have a display and can’t wait to meet everyone!