Collaboration with Luthier Adonis Goulielmos

I am so excited to announce a new collaboration with Adonis Goulielmos to import his guitars into Australia. The first his a D hole model D670 will be complete in July and arrive in August with a second arriving in September. 

Here is a little bit about Adonis


 Renowned Greek luthier Adonis Goulielmos has been training and making musical instruments since 2002. To this day he is an active guitarist with the Gypsy Jazz band “Swingshoes”.

In 2008 Adonis opened his own workshop in Athens. I love that on his website he calls it a laboratory; but that is how he works. He has specialised in restoring and building both Mediterranean guitars (Remptiki and parlour) and Gypsy Jazz guitars. Over the years Adonis has restored original Selma Macaferri and Favino guitars, examining their construction and finishings.

After years of experimenting in his “laboratory” Adonis is proudly making the guitars that he loves to play! His focus is on projection and tone incorporating unique design elements including solid wood construction, solid twin wood sides (using the Ramirez technique) and solid Spruce soundboards (like the original Selma’s). 

Adonis Goulielmos offers a unique range of guitars with features never seen before in Australia!

This is the Goulielmos O670 being played by Dmitry Kuupsov -